Submit Your Mural Design Today!

Calling all Young Artists ages 5-18! We need you and your talent to create a permanent mural in the Forest Park neighborhood.

We truly believe that everyone is a capable artist no matter their age and as a collective we want to let everyone know how we feel! There are 28 spots available, and you can pick from any of these 3 themes: Art, Food & Drink, or Building. Make them your own and show us your skills. You may submit one piece per artist.

All submissions are due NO LATER THAN 12PM JULY 6TH. By submitting your piece, you acknowledge that if you are selected, you (and if unable to drive, a parent) are able to come to the location at some point during the weekend of July 10th to paint your portion of the mural. Entries from Female/femme identifying and BIPOC will be given priority in the selection process. We are so looking forward to working with all of you in the future and getting to see all that you are capable of! Have fun and lets create!




An All Female Chicago Based Art Collective

The Art Hoe Collective LLC is a small Chicago based collective founded by four Chicago female artists. It was created to provide a creative and inclusive space by and for female/ female-identifying artists in the Chicago area. Our goal is to extend support during events, share our skillset, broaden our individual networks, and support our local female/ female-identifying artists/community.

The Art Hoe Collective LLC © 2019 | CHICAGO, ILLINOIS | Founded in 2019 by Athena Principato, Corona Roman, Jatohn Rideoux, & Moira Hyatt

Officially an LLC as of April 1st, 2020